CO2 FRESH AIR Damper. Wall Monitor Control.

CO2 FRESH AIR Damper. Wall Monitor Control.

Our Price: $464.93

Weight: 40 lbs.

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IO HVAC Controls Fresh Air CO2 Damper Kit. Includes Spring Return Damper, Advanced CO2 / Humidity Monitor, 24VA Transformer. Duct Sizes 6" / 8" / 10"

CO2-2POS Ventilation Kit combines a Temperature & Humidity Monitor, Outside Air POSC Damper and 20VA Tranformer. Advanced Installer Menu allows changes in the response and report of levels of Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity.

  • Real Time indication of Current IAQ Conditions
  • Multicolor Back Light. Optional Visual Alarm Warning
  • Audible Alarm Option
  • Long Life NDIR CO2 Sensor - 10+ Years
  • Two Position Power Open /Spring Close Fresh Air Damper 24V
  • 20VA Transformer
  • 5 Year Damper Warranty / 3 Year Monitor Warranty

  • 22 Guage Steel Damper Sleeve
  • 24VAC - 2 Wire Power Open / Spring Close Actuator
  • Damper Sizes - 6" / 8"/ 10"

   Less than 600 ppm    BEST
   600 ppm to 800 ppm    ACCEPTABLE
   800 ppm to 1000 ppm    ADVOID IF POSSIBLE
   Greater than 1000 ppm    ADVOID AT ALL COSTS

CO2-2POS-06 6"  Damper Kit
CO2-2POS-08 8"  Damper Kit
CO2-2POS-10 10"  Damper Kit