MAKE-UP AIR Damper Kit

MAKE-UP AIR Damper Kit

Our Price: $166.98

Weight: 40 lbs.

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IO HVAC Controls Make-Up Air Damper Kit introduces outside air to equalize negative building pressure. Includes 20VA Transformer & Static Pressure Sensor Control.


The Make-Up Damper Kit safely equalizes pressure within the home. Keeps unwanted and harmful gases from entering the living space due to negative pressure caused by Exhaust Fans.

  • Designed to bring in outside air when Exhaust Fans exceed 400 CFM
  • Safely equalizes pressure witnin living spaces
  • Adjust the ESP Static Pressure Sensor to eliminate unwanted outside air with fan in low speed
  • Multiple dampers can be chained together in high volume applications
  • Ensures Exhaust Fan operates at optimal capacity

  • Power Open / Spring Close 24 Ga Steel Damper - 24V / 10VA
  • Adjustable Static Pressure Sensor .08" - 1.20" WC
  • Static Sensor Duct Probe - 36" Clear Tubing
  • 20VA Transformer  /  Duct Sizes - 6" / 8" / 10" / 12"
  • Warranty  -  5 Years Damper  /  1 Year Controls



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