Tjernlund UNDERAIRE CRAWL SPACE Air Intake Fan

Tjernlund UNDERAIRE CRAWL SPACE Air Intake Fan

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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Tjernlund UNDERAIRE Crawl Space Intake Fan. Supplies replacement Fresh Air to Crawl Spaces being Power Fan ventilated. Single & Dual Fan models

Tjernlund CS1 / CS2 Fresh Air Supply Fans are designed to be used in conjunction with Tjernlund V1D / V2D Crawl Space Ventilation Fans. Boosts fresh outdoor air underneath Homes and Porches.

  • Ideal for Crawl Spaces with too few or undersized passive foundation vent openings.
  • Use in Crawl Spaces over 40 feet or "Dead Zones" not ventilated by existing foundation vents.
  • 35°F Freeze Protection Thermostat
  • 115V 6' Plug End Power Cord.

CS1   SINGLE  Fan   110 CFM    .30 Max Amps
18" X 9" X 2"
 Mounting Plate Trimmable to 7" X 6" Minimum
CS2    DUAL  Fan    220 CFM    .60 Max Amps   
18" X 9" X 2"
Mounting Plate Trimmable to 13" X 6" Minimum
SCP    Plug-in Speed Controller
DH2P    Plug-in Dehumidistat Fan Controller
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