Continental Fan CLOTHES DRYER Booster Fan Vent Kit

Continental Fan CLOTHES DRYER Booster Fan Vent Kit

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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Continental Fan CLOTHES DRYER Vent Booster Fan Kits. Solve Vent Problems where runs exceed 15' duct length. On/Off Current Sensor, Air Pressure and Timer Switches.

Most Clothes Dryers are designed with dryer vent of approx. 15 feet. Exceeding that length decreases airflow resulting in Increased Energy Costs and Excessive Dryer Wear and Tear.

  • External rotor motor for quiet & efficient operation
  • Backward-curved blades for high pressure & long duct runs
  • In-line Vent installation to reduce clogging
  • High temperature construction - 140 degrees
  • Thermal overload protection for high temperature
  • Automatic reset

  • Kits include all Mounting Hardware & Brackets
  • Kits include Continental Fan AXC100B  Fan  
  • 4" Duct  /  152 CFM

  • Current Sensor detects Current supplied to Dryer
  • Twist Timer Manually turns Fan on
  • Pressure Switch detects change in Duct Pressure when Dryer turns on

4" Duct    152 CFM
  DVK100B-C   Curent Sensor Switch
  DVK100B-PM    Air Pressure Switch Mounted
  Vertical Fan Runs
  DVK100B-P    Air Pressure Switch Non-Mounted
  Horizontal Fan Runs
  LT100   In-Line Dyer Lint Trap Box
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