PRESSURE RELIEF Duct Barometric Damper

PRESSURE RELIEF Duct Barometric Damper

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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FAMCO Pressure Relief Bypass Barometric Damper relieves excess built-up pressure in Duct and Zoning System

An ideal Damper for relieving built-up air pressure in HVAC Air Systems. Common application includes pressure relief in Zone Damper systems when multiple dampers are closed. Air Pressure opens damper and allows excess Supply Duct air to be "Dumped" back into the HVAC System Air Return Duct or other default location.

  • Adjustable Sliding weight on external Damper Arm. 
  • Damper Plate opens when a certain pressure is reached.
  • Foam Seal prevents back pressure leakage
  • Heavy gauge Galvanized Metal construction


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