Electronic PRESSURE RELIEF Bypass Damper / 26"-30" Sizes

Electronic PRESSURE RELIEF Bypass Damper / 26"-30" Sizes

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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26" / 28" / 30" Wide Sizes. Young Regulator 3092 Electronic Bypass Damper. Adjustable Static Pressure Duct Sensor modulates Honeywell Motorized Damper Blades.


Young Regulator Model 4092 Electronic Bypass Duct Damper. Combines Duct Pressure Sensing Probe with Static Pressure Control to modulate the Bypass Damper. System is pre-wired at factory.

Duct Probe senses an increase in duct static pressure. The adjustable solid-state Pressure Controller / Motor will begin to modulate the damper open to bypass the excess airflow. Bypass Damper will open until the desired static pressure is attained.

Damper blades will stall and pressure will be maintained until another change in duct pressure occurs. As Zones open and close and duct static pressures changes - the Bypass Damper will respond accordingly.

  • Solid State Pressure Sensor and Controller
  • 15 second short cycling time delay on close
  • Damper Frame - 14 ga Roll Formed Galvanized Steel
  • Damper Blades - 16 ga Galvanized Steel
  • Oil Impregnated Bronze Bearings
  • Temperature Operating Range - 35F to 140F 
  • Motor Torque - 35 in. lb. /  Timing 90 sec
  • 24V  /  0.085 Amps  /  2 watts  /  2.2 VA
  • Low Leak Rubber Blade Seals / Stainless Steel Spring Jam Seals
  • Differential Pressure Set-point Range - .17" wc to 2.0" wc
  • UL Listed  /  NEMA 1 Enclosure


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