TUTCO Single Duct VAV REHEAT Electric Heater

TUTCO Single Duct VAV REHEAT Electric Heater

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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TUTCO EVH VAV Single Duct Reheat Electric Heater. 4-Way Multi-positional. Offers best Duct to Heat Coverage. Highest KW options.

Symmetrically Designed - Heater can be flipped 180° and/or rotated 180°.  Eliminate use of Mercury Contactors unless rotated to match up direction in the field.

Space Heating, Primary Heating, Supplemental Heating, Auxillary Heating, Reheating, Multizone Variable Air Volume Heating

  • Maybe used as Stand-Alone Duct Heater or installed directly to a VAV Single Duct Valve System
  • One Hour Heater Quotes
  • UL and ETL Listed - Multiple uses within 20" Of Value
  • Patent Pending "Flip-Able" design
  • Use on Left & Right Hand applications
  • Four Mounting Positions
  • Lower Standard Wire Watt Density
  • Higher Duct to heat coverage
  • More KW options available in all sizes
  • Slip-in & Flange styles

  • See Install Manual for Minimum Air Velocities
  • Standard supply voltages 120 - 600
  • Standard control voltages 24 - 277
  • Single & Three Phase / Balanced KW Staging

  • Options include: Disconnecting Contactors, Recessed or Offset Control Box, 80/20 Resistance Wire, Stainless Steel Terminals, Derated Coils, Vapor Barrier, Gasketed Cover


Heaters are Custom and Cannot be Returned
Allow 10 Working Days for Order Processing
5 Day Expedited Processing Available

TUTCO Flip-Able Multi Position Duct Heater