SPRING RETURN 2 Wire Motorized Zone Damper | 14"-18" Wide Sizes

SPRING RETURN 2 Wire Motorized Zone Damper | 14"-18" Wide Sizes

Our Price: $127.49

Weight: 40 lbs.

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14" | 16" | 18" Wide Sizes. Young Regulator 3151 Spring Return Damper. 24V or 110V. End Switch Option. Zone Control Panel Compatible

Young Regulator Model 3151
durable Extruded Aluminum Opposed Blade construction provides trouble free service for Zone Control, Air Inlet, Exhaust or Make-up Air.

  • High Torque 35 in oz. Motor | 0.45 Amp | 6.5 Watts | 7 VA
  • 24V or 110V Motor Options
  • Static Pressure Rating - .50 WC  
  • Side or Bottom Mount Motor Options
  • 5%-7% Closed Air Leakage

  • Zone Control Panel Compatible
  • Temperature rated - 120F
  • 5" Mounting Face Plate
  • Extruded Aluminum Construction with Individual Teflon Bearings
  • Power Open or Power Close with Spring Return
  • Timing - 25 Sec Power Drive | 5 Sec Spring Return Operation

  • NOTE: Picture shows 24V Motor. 110V Motor is in Metal Work Box


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PO | SC Power Open  |   Spring Normal Close
PC | SO Power Close  |  Spring Normal Open
Mount Actuator Side or Bottom
End Switch Option for Auxillary Equipment
Equipment cannot come on until Damper
proves it is powered to position
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16X6 16X8 16X10 16X12 16X14
18X6 18X8 18X10 18X12 18X14
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