Coil Shot TABLET Condenser Sprayer Gun

Coil Shot TABLET Condenser Sprayer Gun

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Weight: 40 lbs.

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Speed Clean COIL SHOT TABLET Condenser Cleaner Gun. No Liquid Coil Cleaner. 2 Tablets Non-Acid Foam Cleaner equals 1 Gallon.
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  • 2 Tablets equal 1 Gallon of Coil Cleaner
  • Clean 5 Ton Condenser in under 10 minutes
  • Optional Wand for cleaning behind Coil
  • Concentration Dial for foaming control
  • Environmentally Friendly Ultra Foaming Acid Free

  • TABLETS NOT INCLUDED - Order Separately

  • Quick Connect Foaming Nozzle
  • Easy Nozzle Storage
  • Coil Shot Wand Storage Top Bracket
  • Quick Load Tablet door
  • Mixing Valve Foam Dial
  • Pressure up to 70 psi @ 3.0 gpm
  • Connects to standard Garden Hose

  SC-CS-100   Coil Shot Gun / Foam Nozzle
  SC-CS-TAB   Foam Cleaner Tablets - 8 Box
  SC-CS-TAB-HD   Heavy Duty Tablets - 6 Box
  SC-CS-WAND   Coil Shot Wand Assembly


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