Soler & Palau TR200 Energy Recovery RENEWAIRE Ventilator

Soler & Palau TR200 Energy Recovery RENEWAIRE Ventilator

Our Price: $1,460.74

Weight: 40 lbs.

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TR200 Whole House ERV. 100-200 CFM / 4000 Sq Ft. No Condensate Pan or Drain Required. 10 Year ERV Core Warranty. ASHRAE 62.2 Control options.

Soler & Palau TR200 ERV Transfer Core
plates are made of an engineered “resin” material that simultaneously transfers heat by conduction and humidity by attracting and moving water vapor from one air stream to another.

The unique moisture transfer capability of the S&P ERV Core also eliminates condensation and frost build up in most applications. No mechanical or electrical defrost systems are needed, which means higher heat recovery efficiencies, easier installation and more reliable operatio

  • MERV 8 Polyester Media Filters
  • 3' Power Cord
  • Less than 1 watt stand-by power consumption
  • Transformer / Relay package allows simple On/Off control
  • Dual 6"/8" Plastic Duct connect collars. 
  • Integral Mounting Flange / Hanging Bracket system
  • Painted & Fully Insulated ERV Cabinet
  • Large - High Efficiency ERV Transfer Core
  • No Condensate Pan or Drain required
  • 10 Year Warranty on ERV Core
  • 5 Year Unit Warranty


TR200 Operating Specifications
  Area   4000 Sq Ft
  CFM   100 - 200
  Duct   6" / 8" Plastic Duct Connect Collars
  Controls   24V Transformer / Relay Package
  includes Dry Contacts
  Power   120V  /  1.5 A  /  157 W @ 181 CFM
 Dimensions    32"L X 21 1/2"W X 29"H
  Warranty   10 Year ERV Core  /  5 Year Unit
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by Soler & Palau / Renewaire
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